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You're a homo!

No, you are the homo!

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Welcome to image_macros, a growing archive of, well, image macros.

Membership is always open, and you don't have to do anything special to get admitted. Hell, you don't even have to join to post. But, there are some things to remember:

1. Only ONE image macro per post without a cut. If you have more than one image, there needs to be a cut. Especially dumps. You pic dump without a cut, and I'm going to for reals dump on you.

Now, if you have any other questions, here's a FAQ:

What is an image macro?
An image macro is a humorous picture used as a response in online discussions. Most of the time they are used as insults. For example, if a newbie comes into your community and makes a stupid post, instead of saying "Shut the fuck up, you stupid n00b!", you would whip out an image macro that conveys the message of "Shut the fuck up, you stupid n00b!"

This is a popular and typical image macro:

Why shoud I use image macros?
Well, they're funnier than plain old text (they're supposed to be, anyway). And...they're cool, and stuff.

Can I post an image macro here?
Yes, of course. I don't know all the image macros ever created, so if you have a good one that I haven't seen, you're more than welcome to post it. Try to post just one image macro per post. It might seem annoying and a waste of space, but it's much easier for me to archive that way.

Who made these image macros?
I made quite a few; the rest were made by someone else and I just collected them here. No, I'm not going to credit them or me, because nobody gives a shit.

Can I direct-link to one of these image macros?
Well, all the ones I posted were just hosted on a spare Photobucket account of mine, so I don't really care if you direct link to them. It doesn't affect me until the bandwidth is exceeded on it, and the image is replaced with a little "bandwidth exceeded" graphic, which isn't a very powerful tool in online discussions. You'll likely just be using it once, though, so that probably won't happen. If you think you'll be using it a lot, though, you should probably upload it to your own server.

Do I have to give credit?
No, you don't have to give credit, because when you're about to pwn someone with an image macro and you put "Credit to image_macros - I didn't make this!" it's lame and unfunny and sucks all the pwning power out of the image macro. But if someone in the discussion asks where you got it, yeah, credit to this community.

Where is the image macro archive?
In this community's memories, above the interests. The image macros are divided into categories, depending on what kind of message they convey - "O RLY?" and "PWNED!" are two examples.